Host Cancellation Policy Title Google Analytics Alternative

  • The host can cancel confirmed experience if causes of force-majeure arise, described below, or
  • When the minimum number of people required for the provision of service is inadequate
  • In such case, the host will notify the traveler immediately through Footloos messaging system
  • In such case, Footloos will reimburse the traveler a full refund for the service booked.

Force-majeure events include undesirable weather conditions, death in the host's family, serious illness of the host, natural disaster in the country of service provision, communicable disease in the country of service provision, political unrest in the country of service provision, jury duty or similar civil obligations. Cancellation of service by the host in any cases other than those indicated above may lead to imposing a cancellation fee, or to termination of the host's account. Hosts who may be obliged to cancel service provision in relation to which bookings have been made, please click on the corresponding cancellation button under experience in your account's dashboard, or contact [email protected]