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Among all places in our world, islands are our natural jewels that are filled with incredible beauty and wonder. They are seen as a global escape from our everyday lives. From vibrant sun rays to soft sandy beaches, our islands of the world offer unique destinations with astounding culture and new experiences.

This is why Footloos is giving back to local island communities to prevent deforestation, increased landfills, and to wholeheartedly preserve wildlife. As a further expansion of hotels, shopping malls and other commercial facilities continue, the more space and natural environment we take away from the animal kingdom. With increasing tourism to tropical islands every year, the less ecologically prepared we are to preserve our pristine beaches and precious trees. If the preservation of our world’s islands means as much to you as it does for us, here is how you can help.

Here at Footloos, we have established our Island Preservation Fund which will receive a percentage from every successful booking to be automatically donated to local island charities and environmental projects as appointed by the community as a priority. Such as recycling education, proper waste disposal, volunteer cleanups, and environmental preservation. Together we can make a difference in our communities!

"Islands are our homes, not just to people but all walks of life as well. To ecologically prepare is the first step to preserving our islands. Through sheer determination, we can truly make a difference to create a safe and clean environment for all.”
Vivien Tan, Footloos Support Rockstar

"We believe that as individuals we can still make a change. As little as it may seem, every simple effort counts. And as long as we try, in the long-run and our lifetime, change can and most definitely will happen.”
Sylvia Adrenalin, Footloos Co-Founder