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Frequently Asked Questions
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For Travelers
What is Footloos?

Footloos is a marketplace platform that brings together island communities to a common place where locals can share their passion, knowledge and expertise in the form of professional services. We aim to connect thousands of active lifestyle travelers with all service providers, or hosts, for the most authentic experiences.

What does Footloos mean?

Footloos is the way of Active and Wellness island travel lifestyle. Not too far from its original meaning of the freedom to travel with no attachments.

How can I find an experience in my preferred location?

Choose your destination island from the dropdown list in the search window. There are 8 unique themes for all your essential adventure experiences. These include Sea day tours, Land day tours, Boat Charters & Liveaboards, Extreme adventure, Diving, Budget tours, Wellness, Transport & Events. You may choose among dozens of various interesting experiences listed in each theme. Explore more!

How do I book an experience?

Once you have selected the dates and number of people, click Add to Cart to proceed with personal and payment details. Most experiences can be booked and confirmed instantly. Some experiences may require a prior response from the host, in such cases your host has 24 hours to confirm the booking. If the host accepts the request, the booking will be confirmed and payment will proceed as charged. Should the host decline the request or it expires the confirmation time, the booking will be considered as cancelled and payment will not be charged.

Can I get additional information prior to booking?

Sure! Click on 'Chat with Us' button located at the bottom of every page. Ask any questions or queries you may have. Once you are happy with the offering, you can proceed with booking. Once booked, keeping in touch with your host is quick and easy using the Footloos direct messaging system.

What if I sent a message to the host but haven’t heard back?

Hosts will usually respond to messages and reservation requests within 24 hours. If you haven't heard back, we are so sorry! Please contact [email protected] for help. We will try to get in touch with the host, or find another to provide an amazing experience for you. We take host responsiveness very seriously. Hosts who exhibit a pattern of not responding to messages will be removed from the Footloos site.

Can I call a host before the experience?

Yes, only after you have made a confirmed booking. Personal contact information will not be released until you have made a confirmed reservation. At which point you will receive a confirmation via email and SMS. Keep in mind that we ask our users to keep their communication within the Footloos site so that we can assist you if an issue arises.

Can I change/alter a booking that has already been confirmed?

We understand that plans may change sometimes. You may contact your host via Footloos direct messaging system at all times to change your booking, subject to time and availability. In case for changes to date or time, your host may choose to offer an alternative time slot, or decline. Please keep in mind that some experiences may be governed by stricter cancellation policies.

How can I pay for my booking? How does Footloos process payments?

You can pay with your credit or debit card. Your payment is processed securely using industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools. Note that we do not store your payment details. After payment is submitted, money is held securely in Footloos’ virtual wallet account. The payment will be only sent to your host after completion of the service experience.

How much do I pay for a reservation?

All prices are transparent and clearly marked on every listing. A full price will be shown once the date and number of guests has been selected. All price listings shown are set by the hosts themselves and are not negotiable.

Does Footloos charge any commission?

No, Footloos does not charge travelers for booking of their experiences. However a small amount will be added to support our islands Give Back initiative. Footloos has pledged to donate a percentage from each successful booking towards assistance of local charities, social causes and environment preservation efforts. By booking services on Footloos, you will be showing support and contribution towards the betterment of our island community too. Thank you!

What is Footloos cancellation policy?
Cancellation policy is pre-determined by the host and is mentioned in the description of every experience listing.
What if the host is late or does not show up?

We've got your back! If your host is a no show, we will refund you in full for the experience not provided. Kindly send an email to [email protected] letting us know what (did not) happened. Please be prompt! It is in the best interest of all parties if refund requests are submitted within 24 hours of the commencement of experience. We take host reliability very seriously. Hosts who exhibit a pattern of cancelling or not showing up will be removed from the Footloos site. 

I have other question, which is not addressed here.
Send us an email directly to [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.