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While you are looking for tours and activities, many young backpackers would know Koh Phangan (pronounced " ko phan gan”) for its global notoriety as the craziest beach rave parties which are tied to the lunar calendar. There are massive parties in the name of every moon phase be it the Eclipse, Pink, Blue, Orange or Blood Moon. The most famous monthly Full Moon and Half Moon Jungle Party individually attracts up to 30,000 revelers filling the island to its full capacity. Even if you’re not one to party, it’s the amazing moon-watching events you shouldn't miss!

Today, more travelers are most likely to experience Koh Phangan’s tranquillity on a hike, in a lemongrass-scented spa, riding leisurely along dirt paths or by drifting alongside colorful fish at one of 20 dive and snorkeling sites. You don’t need to have mastered the downward dog to realize that the island has, in the Buddhist sense, a balance. Over decades it has remained one of Thailand’s most popular destinations also because serenity, adventure and good times coexist.

Koh Phangan welcomes a steady flock of the outdoor adventurous and wellness conscious hippy travelers. This mystical island does not have an airport and is only accessible via public ferry or speedboat charters from the mainland or Koh Samui served by Thong Sala and Haad Rin Pier. The beaches in Koh Phangan are more pristine and offer fantastic snorkeling most of the year.

Thanks to its strategic location, besides the common palm-fringed beach hunt as one would on every other island, discover unique things to do in Koh Phangan such as Kitesurfing, Wakeboarding, Jetski Safari, UV diving, Freediving courses, Immersive Yoga and Teacher Training retreats, Authentic Healing, and Chakra Cleansing therapies, fantastic Cooking Classes, and a list of organic health cafes to inspire you. On Footloos, you can also find Koh Phangan's most popular tour with a local guide that features authentic cultural show, exploring temples, and zip line through waterfalls.

For extreme and water sports enthusiasts, book your Footloos tickets to the largest island water parks; The Slip'n'Fly park features a 50 foot high water slide that launches sliders 6 meters up in the air into a deep pool, and The Challenge Phangan will see you take on a giant obstacle course to beat the clock to win the Challenger-of-the-day title! For lovers, be sure to book a date to our exclusive outdoor Moonlight cinematic experience for romance at its best for the perfect end to any day.

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