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Ko Tao got its name from its island’s outline which resembles a turtle nosediving towards Koh Phangan. The rugged shell of the turtle, representing lush rainforests and hilly landscape to the east, and sandy beaches as its underbelly to the west. Ko Tao is an incredible island of approximately 21 km², only accessible by sea way. One of the popular ways of travel is from Koh Samui via a 2.5hour public high speed catamaran transfer. Reduce waiting and travel time by chartering your own private speedboat from Footloos!

Ko Tao is every backpacker’s wonderland. From highly rewarding viewpoint hikes, scooting through coconut mangroves and coastlines, natural rock climbing, Muay Thai bootcamps, yoga retreats, international culinary flavors, wellness to snorkeling and diving amongst one of the most vibrant coral worlds. Despite its relatively small land size, it is packed with dozens of things to do and places to go. We highly recommend a minimum 3 day stay to relax and get to know the best of it.

With over 90 PADI, SSI and APNEA dive schools sprouting on the island, Koh Tao maintains its reputation as the Dive Mecca of Asia and keeps prices highly competitive for travelers seeking the best affordable deals. Every year, Koh Tao receives an average of over 100,000 international dive enthusiasts on dive vacations and 40% amongst them a re n ew divers seeking to get dive certified. Go from Zero-To-Hero in 2 months, or enhance specialty skills such as rescue, deep or wreck diving. Instructor internships are also offered by many schools.

Don’t worry if diving isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of snorkeling, beach chilling, and activities to do. Just a 20mins long tail boat ride will take you to an unbelievable private island escape, Koh Nang Yuan offers an incredible day’s island-hopping with long soft sandy white beaches and shallow waters for water sports and snorkeling with a myriad of friendly fish species.

Also, a multitude of yoga studios, affordable spa and massage salons dot Koh Tao. Sandy feet? No problem, just brush it off or dip your feet in the water bucket outside and head on in. Need some fresh air? Find and book breathtaking hikes and local tours with us! Learn how to scale a volcanic rock with your bare hands (and maybe a few ropes too), or learn to fly on a trapeze. Yes, Koh Tao may be a diver’s paradise, but it’s so much more than that, waiting to be discovered.

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