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Footloos launches in October 2016 on 7 Islands in Thailand

Online marketplace for Active and Wellness Tourism is an online marketplace dedicated to Active and Wellness Tourism on popular tropical island destinations in Asia. The platform launches on 7 islands in Thailand in its initial roll out phase including Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta and Koh Chang.

The Problem
Booking process of healthy and wellness activities on islands is very fragmented. Unique services go unknown and eventually cease because they are a) poorly marketed, b) sold by less responsible third party agents, c) not targeting the right audience. Too many individual websites lead to multiple open tabs, increased difficulty to compare and a very frustrating vacation planning experience. Too many third party agents have resulted in a fluctuation of traveler and host (service provider) expectations and ultimate loss in the authenticity of the service experiences itself. Finally, for the travelers who are already on location, an all-access activity guide that would offer last minute bookings in real time is lacking. Footloos was created to fill the gaps.

The Solution
We are an environmentally conscious and socially responsible online marketplace which connects active and wellness travelers directly with local hosts on popular island destinations in Asia. Local hosts can be individual freelance service providers or established business entities. With 9 unique themes and over 60 categories, travelers can find hundreds of unique and exciting, active island services to compare and book seamlessly on our all-in-one website.

Creating the perfect itinerary is now as exciting as it is convenient, fast and secure! Footloos categories will feature outdoor adventure guides, diving courses, sail charters, boat excursions, adrenaline sports, fitness, and yoga to name a few. Our extensive range of wellness services also includes customized personal detox, anti-stress programs, unique massage and healing therapies, beauty and spa treatments. Footloos mission is to become a household name for Active Island Escapades on tropical islands in Asia. 

"We will be breaking many old habits and revolutionizing hosting experience by introducing our paperless technology which will improve social standards of island communities as well as the environment”, quotes the founder Mr Neal Ayer.

The smart and easy-to-use technology allows local hosts to personally list their services, choose among different calendar types to manage live availability, view sales and analytical reports, track and accept payments directly to their designated bank account. Hosts can also interact with travelers prior to service provision and share their Footloos listings on multiple media platforms. In addition, a SMS messaging system will directly notify hosts of all bookings and amendments, which prevents overlooking appointments and no show. With our strict 24 hour confirmation service, Travelers can now book and plan their itinerary with confidence. Whether the host is a freelancer or an established business, our Footloos technology will greatly complement their business requirements.

"Active and Wellness Tourism to island destinations is a trending global movement and as healthy and active islanders ourselves, we witness and understand the fragility of island communities to lose their culture and environment due to rapid commercialization. It is time to give back”, quotes Co-founder Miss Sylvia Adrenalin.

All Footloos hosts are encouraged to actively participate in GoGreen efforts such as recycling and efficient waste disposal management. Travelers will be also pleased to know that they will be giving back to their island vacation destinations automatically by booking their favorite activities and services via Footloos. In partnership with local municipalities, Footloos has pledged to donate a percentage from each successful booking via its platform towards our initiative known as the #IslandFundProject – in assistance of local charities, social causes and environmental preservation efforts. Footloos aims to be a leader of its kind to emphasize positive social impact and environmental awareness for islands.

About Footloos
Founded in January 2016. Footloos Pte Ltd is a Singapore company with active presence in Thailand. Footloos is an environmentally conscious and socially responsible organization. An online marketplace for Active and Wellness Tourism on popular tropical island destinations in Asia.